Penalties and Penalty Abatement: How to Get Rid of Tax Penalties and Win Every Time

With Eric L. Green

Those late-night commercials make it sound just so easy, but how do you get rid of tax penalties?  This program will cover the various penalties applied by the IRS, and the various ways practitioners can seek to have them removed.  The program will cover First Time Penalty Abatement, abatement for reasonable cause, and how to lay the groundwork for avoiding penalties during the audit.  The program will cover IRS Account Transcript analysis to find first-time abatement opportunities, strategies for documenting your clients’ case for reasonable cause, and preparing and taking the initial denial to appeals.

This special workshop will include the following:

  • A review of the various tax penalties,
  • A review of the First Time Penalty Abatement program by the IRS and when it applies
  • A detailed discussion of what constitutes reasonable cause for purposes of avoiding penalties
  • A discussion of how to document a client’s reasonable cause argument for abating penalties
  • The IRS process and how to apply for penalty abatement
  • Preparing and winning the appeal when abatement is denied

“The guide and forms are gold to my office. Thank you!”

Mabelle A., EA