Tax Liens and Tax Levies: How to Navigate IRS Enforcement

With Eric L. Green


Please note: On-demand Masterclasses are not eligible for CE or CPE credits.

IRS Enforcement is the cornerstone of our voluntary tax system, just in case people really think its voluntary!  This special workshop will walk you through the mechanics of tax liens and tax levies, and through case studies explain how to save your clients, resolve their issues and make a lot of money doing it.  With 15 million taxpayers in the collection division’s inventory, and another 10 million non-filers BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic began, the need for trained representatives to help taxpayers is going to explode.

This special workshop will include the following:

  • Tax Lien Mechanics
  • Discharging Assets from a Tax Lien
  • Getting the IRS to Subordinate its Tax Lien
  • Requesting and Getting Liens Withdrawn
  • Tax Levy Mechanics
  • How to Help Client’s Avoid Tax Levies
  • Having Levies Released
  • Disqualified Employment Tax Levies
  • Case Studies with Completed Forms
  • Checklists for Tax Liens and Tax Levies
  • Marketing: How to Find Clients

“The guide and forms are gold to my office. Thank you!”

Mabelle A., EA