The Insider’s Guide to Tax Liens and Tax Levies

How to Help Taxpayers Navigate IRS Enforcement – First Edition

By Eric L. Green

There has never been a better time to add IRS Representation to your practice and help taxpayers resolve their back tax issue!

TG Publishing Softcover Print & eBook
229 pages | Copyright 2023

This guide will demystify the IRS enforcement process and includes case studies, sample forms, and letters you can use in your practice today!


Please note that this book is a softcover guide with a black and white print interior.

For taxpayers that owe money to the government, tax liens and tax levies become the bane of their existence.  Tax liens create havoc, shutting off access to credit and making life difficult for taxpayers to run both their business as well as their personal life.  Tax levies can be more destructive, cleaning out bank accounts with little to no notice and garnishing wages, creating economic headaches for the taxpayer.

It does not have to be this way.  In this new guide author Eric Green dives into the mechanics of how liens and levies work, and the options tax professionals have to resolve these issues and avoid or remove liens and levies.

With one quick read through this guide you will know more about IRS enforcement than 99% of tax professionals, and can help your clients work through these issues with confidence.

The Guide Includes:

  • An Overview of why the IRS uses tax liens and tax levies
  • The flow of IRS collection
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Foreclosure and Redemption of Tax Liens
  • Federal Tax Levies
  • 27 exhibits
  • The Lien Checklist
  • Sample pricing list for these services
  • 11 Sample letters to use in your practice
  • The top 20 questions and answers about liens and levies
  • 5 case studies

“The guide and forms are gold to my office. Thank you!”

Mabelle A., EA

Table of Contents

  • Why the IRS Uses Tax Liens and Tax Levies?

  • The Flow of IRS Collection

  • Federal Tax Liens

  • Foreclosure and Redemption by the IRS

  • The Federal Tax Levy

  • Tax Lien Document Checklist

  • Sample Pricing Structure

  • Sample Letters

  • Case Studies

  • Top 20 Q&A on Tax Liens and Tax Levies

  • Exhibits

Eric L. Green
About the Author

Attorney Eric L. Green is a nationally recognized Tax Attorney whose talks have educated thousands of tax practitioners. He is a partner in the law firm Green & Sklarz LLC based in Connecticut and the founder of TaxRep LLC, an online member-driven organization of IRS tax representation professionals.

His law practice is focused on civil and criminal taxpayer representation before the IRS, Department of Justice Tax Division, Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, New York Department of Revenue and Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Eric is a Fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel, an organization in which membership is an honor reserved for those at the top of their chosen profession. A frequent lecturer and author of two books and hundreds of articles, Eric is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Consumer Reports Financial News.

“Eric Green is one of the top tax lawyers in the country. His in depth knowledge along with his ability to make the subject simple makes this guide an indispensable reference for my practice. The guide is clear and concise, and I just loved the client stories! Accountants everywhere will want this Guide in their library.”

Dawn B., CPA

“Informative, authoritative and concise what more could you ask for!!! Attorney Eric Green has been successfully representing taxpayers against the IRS for years and his new Collections Manual contains all the insight necessary to work this business. It is the perfect compendium for professionals who need to quickly get something done – especially when they don’t have time to spare. A superb and easily understandable reference source – I highly recommend it to all practitioners seeking to tighten their knowledge of IRS collection processes, grow this segment of their business and to train staff.”

Harold B., CPA

“WOW!! Eric Green’s The Accountants Guide to IRS Collection covers every aspect of the Federal Collection Process. The book is filled with a HOT TIPS and is a step by step guide to various approaches the resolving your clients collection issues. A must have book in every practitioners office.”

Ray L., EA