The Entire Tax Representation Library (All Volumes)

By Eric L. Green

TG Publishing Softcover Print & eBook
Copyright 2023


Please note that the books are softcover guides with a black and white print interior.

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This book includes: Advantages of Distributions versus Wages * The Courts Weigh In On “Reasonable Compensation” * The IRS Criteria and Guidelines for Determining Reasonable Comp * Profitability of an S Corp vs. Distribution of an S Corp * Reasonable Comp in the IRS: Past, Present, and Future

152 Pages

This book includes: Why the IRS Uses Tax Liens and Tax Levies? * The Flow of IRS Collection * Federal Tax Liens * Foreclosure and Redemption by the IRS * The Federal Tax Levy * Tax Lien Document Checklist * Sample Pricing Structure * Sample Letters * Case Studies * Top 20 Q&A on Tax Liens and Tax Levies * Exhibits

229 Pages

This book includes: About this Guide * Abbreviations * The IRS Offer-in-Compromise Program: An Overview * The Offer-in-Compromise Process * Q&A Part I: Consultations, Fees and Professionals * Q&A Part II: Tax Returns * Q&A Part III: Estimated Tax Payments * Q&A Part IV: Offer Basics * Q&A Part V: Things to Consider Before Your File the Offer * Q&A Part VI: Calculating Reasonable Collection Potential (“RCP”) * Q&A Part VII: Assets * Q&A Part VIII: Income * Q&A Part IX: Expenses * Q&A Part X: Preparing The Offer to Submit to the IRS * Part XI: After an Offer is Submitted * Exhibits

199 Pages

This book includes: Why the Practice Guide? * Audit Reconsideration * Case Analysis Documents * Collection Appeals * Innocent Spouse * Installment Agreements * Examinations * Marketing (NEW!) * Offers-in-Compromise: Doubt as-to-Collectibility (DATC) * Offers-in-Compromise: Doubt as-to-Liability (DATL) * Onboarding * Other Important Practice Forms * Payroll Tax Issues * Penalty Abatement * Refund Claims * Tax Levies * Tax Liens * Uncollectible Status

295 Pages

This book includes: Why Businesses Get Into Trouble With Payroll Taxes * How Payroll Taxes Work * Third-Party Liability * Assessment & Collection Against the Company * Assessment Against the Responsible Party * Challenging the Trust Fund Assessment * Strategies for Minimizing Personal Liability * Criminal Aspects of Payroll Taxes * Case Studies * Checklist: Payroll Tax Case * Ex: Exhibits

362 Pages

This book includes: The Lure of Offers-in Compromise * The Collection Process * Financial Analysis: It’s All in the Numbers * The Impact of the Community  * Property Laws on IRS Collection * Installment Agreements and Uncollectible Status * Offers-in-Compromise * Bankruptcy * Collection Appeals * Payroll Taxes and Personal Liability * Case Studies * Checklist: Offer-in-Compromise * Exhibits

326 Pages

This book includes: Why This Book? * What’s New in IRS Collection? * There is No “Fresh Start” Program * The IRS Collection Process * The Collection Client * Federal Tax Liens * The Federal Tax Levy * Collection Alternatives: Offers, Installment Agreements, Uncollectible Status and Bankruptcy * Payroll Taxes and Personal Liability * Collection Appeals * Challenging an Assessed Tax * Taxpayer Advocate Services * Private Debt Collectors and Passport Suspension/Revocation * IRS Enforcement Against Taxpayers Overseas * IRS Abbreviations Cheat Sheet * New Collection Client: The Checklist * Sample Pricing Structure * Sample Letters * Case Studies * Exhibits

425 Pages

“Eric Green has offered a superb resource for CPAs! This book takes you by the hand and guides you step by step through the intricacies of the IRS Collection process. Eric draws on his real-life experience with clients and shares these stories for the benefit of the reader. The exhibits are super thorough. I find it very easy to follow and loved the practice tips. Keep it on your desk!”

Allie P., ESQ

“Eric has done a great job outlining the steps needed to help resolve a taxpayer’s IRS debt. His use of practical examples, exhibits, and clear explanations is very valuable. This book is helpful for those with little experience with the IRS collection process as well as a good review for those more experienced in IRS collection matters.”

Terry D., EA, Your Content Goes Here

“In The Accountant’s Guide to IRS Collection, Eric Green shares his vast experience and knowledge of the IRS collection process with readers. This user-friendly guide presents information in a logical manner and can aid professionals at any experience level. The guide includes a “New Collection Client Checklist”, an invaluable tool for all practitioners. This is a must have desktop resource for every practice. You never know when a delinquent taxpayer will walk through your door!”

Theresa G. Page, EA, Your Content Goes Here