How to Build a Million-Dollar Tax Representation Practice

By Eric L. Green

Set your goal, break down the steps, and execute the plan. The only limits on your practice are the ones you impose!

TG Publishing Softcover Print & eBook
198 pages | Copyright 2022

Every tax professional has the ability to learn tax representation, help taxpayers sort out their worst tax issue, and take their practice and success to the next level. Will you?


Please note that this book is a softcover guide with a black and white print interior.

Say Goodbye to the Tax Season Grind!

Learn How to Build the Profit-Rich Tax Rep Practice of Your Dreams

The demand for tax representation services is greater and more lucrative than ever. Thanks to increased taxpayer scrutiny by the IRS and the need for more professionals specializing in tax representation, leveraging these services into a million-dollar practice is not difficult or complicated.

How to Build a Million-Dollar Tax Representation Practice will show you how.

“What Eric has provided is more than just advice, but a blueprint for taking your practice to the highest level. The book is brilliant not just because of its content but its simplicity. He is truly The Tax Rep Master.”

Sidney Kess, CPA, JD, LL.M.
Author and considered the most influential tax practitioner of all time, and author of hundreds of guides on Taxation

Written by national speaker, mentor, and practitioner Eric L. Green, America’s top IRS tax representation attorney this book provides eight easy-to-follow steps that will help you set your goals, build your practice, and ultimately, change the direction of your life.

As the former Chair of the Connecticut Tax Bar and a fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel, Eric has been representing taxpayers before the IRS and Department of Justice Tax Division for more than 20 years. As host of the Tax Rep podcast and founder of Green & Sklarz, The Tax Rep Network, and the second largest tax conference in the country (The New England IRS Representation Conference), Eric has been training professionals in tax representation while sharing his insights and real-world case studies with practitioners to help them master, monetize, and market their own tax rep opportunities for more than a decade.

8 Steps to Building Your Million-Dollar Tax Rep Practice
  • 1
    Identify what you want
  • 2
    Engineer backwards
  • 3
    What services do you want to offer?
  • 4
    Leverage Technology
  • 5
    Your existing practice
  • 6
    Finding Clients
  • 7
    Getting Trained
  • 8
    Repeat: Discipline, not motivation

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Praise for How to Build a Million Dollar Tax Rep Practice

“What Eric has provided is more than just advice, but a blueprint for taking your practice to the highest level. The book is brilliant not just because of its content but its simplicity. He is truly The Tax Rep Master.”

Sidney Kess, CPA, JD, LL.M., Author and considered the most influential tax practitioner of all time, and author of hundreds of guides on Taxation

“If you are looking to get started in tax resolution this is a great overview of the practical steps to get started with personal stories along the way that you can relate to. A true roadmap to success for tax resolution.”

Roger Nemeth, EA, Founder of Tax Help Software

“I thought I had it figured out until I began reading this book. The information contained in this book inspired me to revisit my plan, pricing, and marketing strategy to gain more exposure and more cases. Whether you have had success in the past or are just getting started, this is a book for EVERY professional who wants to get serious about profits. I highly recommend this book.”

Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, Powerful Accounting Inc and author of The Designated Motivator

“Eric Green has a gift for storytelling which allows the reader to enjoy and retain content that’s both entertaining and educational. For any practitioner interested in generating more revenue and creating a dream practice and roadmap for success, look no further.”

Scott Zarret, Founder of CPA Academy

“Eric’s new book is an eye opener of the up and down’s of building a representation practice. I see all the missed opportunities I have had by undervaluing my representation services. By seeing the rep services through Eric’s eyes, I am eager to take the challenge and build my rep practice in my old age.”

Ray LaLuna, EA, Past President of the Connecticut Chapter of Enrolled Agents

“I finished “How to Build a Million Dollar Tax Representation Practice” by Eric L. Green over a short weekend. I thought it was a fantastic read for an experienced professional that has the foundational capabilities to build a business plan. Eric’s main points are focused on various aspects of marketing, relationship building, and building brand and offering awareness. With the thousands of books in the market that try to tackle the subject of building a practice Eric’s book provides great insight and reference material on issues like fee structure and scope of services to support building a tax representation practice. I highly recommend Eric’s book!”

Sherwood Stanton, CPA, CFP, CIA
Eric L. Green
About the Author

Attorney Eric L. Green is a nationally recognized Tax Attorney whose talks have educated thousands of tax practitioners. He is a partner in the law firm Green & Sklarz LLC based in Connecticut and the founder of TaxRep LLC, an online member-driven organization of IRS tax representation professionals.

His law practice is focused on civil and criminal taxpayer representation before the IRS, Department of Justice Tax Division, Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, New York Department of Revenue and Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Eric is a Fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel, an organization in which membership is an honor reserved for those at the top of their chosen profession. A frequent lecturer and author of two books and hundreds of articles, Eric is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Consumer Reports Financial News.

“Eric Green is one of the top tax lawyers in the country. His in depth knowledge along with his ability to make the subject simple makes this guide an indispensable reference for my practice. The guide is clear and concise, and I just loved the client stories! Accountants everywhere will want this Guide in their library.”

Dawn B., CPA

“Informative, authoritative and concise what more could you ask for!!! Attorney Eric Green has been successfully representing taxpayers against the IRS for years and his new Collections Manual contains all the insight necessary to work this business. It is the perfect compendium for professionals who need to quickly get something done – especially when they don’t have time to spare. A superb and easily understandable reference source – I highly recommend it to all practitioners seeking to tighten their knowledge of IRS collection processes, grow this segment of their business and to train staff.”

Harold B., CPA

“WOW!! Eric Green’s The Accountants Guide to IRS Collection covers every aspect of the Federal Collection Process. The book is filled with a HOT TIPS and is a step by step guide to various approaches the resolving your clients collection issues. A must have book in every practitioners office.”

Ray L., EA